Chapter 4: A Hard R Rating

Sarah’s house was just outside of Findlay, up on a hill, surrounded by a gated wall and a veritable forest. Actually, I shouldn’t say “house.” I should say “big-ass mansion.” The Winters practically owned the whole town. But before you get the idea that they were a bunch of rich snobs, you should know that Sarah was such a kind person because that’s how she was brought up. Her parents were also some of the nicest people. They were always donating tons of money and traveling around to do charity work. Most likely, that’s why they were out of town that weekend.

When I arrived at the entrance, I found the gates were open and cars lined the driveway all the way up to the house. It glowed at the top of the hill with all the outdoor lights and most of the indoor lights on. I could faintly hear music and a few shouts and whoops. It looked like all the upperclassmen were there.

Cranking up the volume as a fast and heavy song came through the speakers, I smirked and sped up the driveway beneath the shadows of the trees. I knew the roaring of the engine could be heard from the house. They all knew who was coming. I broke from the cover of the trees and the house appeared again. I could see quite a few heads turned in my direction, so I thought I’d show off a bit and jumped up into a wheelie. I rode it all the way up to the roundabout driveway, put the front tire back on the ground, and screeched to a stop. As I put the kickstand down, I was actually met with some laughter, applause, and impressed shouts, but most of them just shook their heads and crossed their arms. I shook my hair down over my shoulders and straddled my bike as I lit up a cigarette.

“Why is he here?” asked a contemptuous male voice.

“God, I want to be that motorcycle,” sighed a female. Some other girls giggled.

“Did Sarah invite him? I’ve seen them talking…”

“Great, it’s him. C’mon, this party’s lame anyway.”

“Oh, shit. Kelly’s not gonna like this.”

“What a show-off. ‘Look at me, I’m so cool, I have a motorcycle.'”

“Hey, Grin’s here! Now it’s a party!”

I put my keys and MP3 player in my pockets, cigarettes over my shoulder, and strutted through the crowd toward the back yard. Some people pushed out of my way, a few girls waved flirtatiously, a couple of the guys nodded in greeting, and a lot of kids just ignored me or glared. I reached the back deck surrounding the crowded pool and looked around for Sarah. She wasn’t there, but I did spot some of her friends. I smiled and walked up to the two of them. They looked surprised to see me. I took the cigarette from my mouth and blew the smoke away from them before I smiled and said, “Evening, ladies. Is Sarah around?”

“Uh… Yeah, she’s inside, but—” one of them started, but was interrupted.

“What are you doing here?” demanded a voice from behind me. Stacy.

I should probably explain something. I’d dated Stacy for about a week, early in junior year. One day at school, I heard a group of guys sharing stories about what she was like in bed. One of them had started his story with, “Oh man, you’re not gonna believe how nasty Stacy was last night!” So, I broke up with her. I had never slept with her, and she had never forgiven me for that. She despised me for being the ride that got away.

I turned around to see her dripping wet in a barely-there bikini and, for some inconceivable reason, high-heeled sandals. She was a bitch, but damn, she was a smokin’ hot one.

“Hey, baby,” I said with a grin, making no attempts to hide that I was checking her out. “Lose your way to the Barely Legal set?”

She put her hands on her hips and sassed, “Shouldn’t you be sacrificing a virgin to Satan or something?”

“Trust me, princess. If I needed a virgin, I wouldn’t be talking to you.”

She smirked. “Speaking of virgins, Kelly is really pissed off that you’re talking to his girlfriend,” she told me.

I smiled as I exhaled the smoke from my nose and leaned forward to whisper in her ear, “And I’m really pissed off that he’s cheating on her with you.”

She turned her head and looked at me incredulously. I took one long, final drag and flicked the cigarette away. She took my arm and pulled me away from the other two girls and out of earshot of the crowd.

“How did you know about that?” she demanded.

“Guys love to brag to each other about that kinda thing,” I said. “All I had to do was listen.”

Her face turned red. “Look, she’s my friend. There’s no telling what he’d do to her if he wasn’t getting it from someone.”

“Oh, I see. So, you’re screwing her boyfriend for her own good. It all makes sense now.”

She didn’t say anything.

“Y’know, if that’s the case, maybe I should tell her about it. She’d really appreciate you for it.”

“No!” She grabbed my arm as I began to turn away. “I’ll do anything.”

Oh, really?

I grinned and stepped close to her. She pressed her back against the fence. “Anything?” I asked.

She seemed to think about it for a moment. “Anything,” she said.

I took a glance down at the bikini top that barely restrained her tits—because why the hell not?—and looked back up. “I think we can work something out,” I purred, putting my hand on the fence over her shoulder and leaning close.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

I didn’t answer yet, but brushed her wet, bleach-blonde hair back. “You’ve wanted to get between the sheets with me for almost a year, haven’t you?” I suggested.

“What can I say? Bad boys are in,” she admitted, breathing faster as my hand moved down her back.

“I love being bad,” I whispered with my lips against her neck, and squeezed her ass. “It makes me feel so good.”

She moaned and pushed her hips against me as my kisses traveled lower, to the soft flesh between her breasts. “Someone’s going to see us,” she said.

I lifted my head and grinned down at her, twining my fingers with hers and pinning her hands to the fence above her head. “You’re right. What should we do?”

She tried to kiss me on the lips, but I turned away. I knew where that mouth had been, and I had no desire to taste every cock within a twenty-mile radius, thanks.

“Wanna go upstairs?” she offered.

I smirked, finally hearing what I wanted to hear. I never intended to do anything with her, I just wanted to see if she would do it. And I was right. This girl hated me with a passion, but she still couldn’t wait to get under me!

“Actually,” I began, my hands traveling down her arms, “I think I know what you can do for me.” I massaged her breasts and sucked on her neck, just below her ear.

“Tell me,” she panted eagerly like a shitty porn actress. “I’ll do anything you want.”

I licked slowly from her collarbone to her ear, heightening her anticipation as much as I could. I tugged at her earring with my teeth and groaned a little for her. She was as turned on as I could get her without going for a hard R rating. Perfect. I finally answered her.

“Call it off with Kelly,” I said in her ear, and turned and walked away.

It took a moment, but she finally yelled, “You fucking asshole!”

I laughed to myself. Kelly was cheating on Sarah with Stacy while Stacy was trying to cheat on Kelly with me, but sure, I’m the fucking asshole.

“Grin!” I heard a voice cry. Before I could realize who was running toward me, a body smacked into me and wrapped its arms around me. “You’re alive!”

“Yeah, I’m glad to see you, too. Get off me.” Nick backed off and adjusted his glasses. “Why are you here?” I asked.

He followed me toward the house. “You saved my life once, right? I came to repay the favor. Now c’mon, let’s get out of here before Kelly sees you!”

I laughed. “I saved you from getting your ass kicked, that’s all.”

“Then I’m here to stop you from getting your ass kicked!”

I stopped, combing the crowd for Sarah. “Look, I really appreciate your concern, but it’s not gonna happen. I already gave him a taste of how bad I can fuck him up. Not to mention, I’ve got some dirt on him.” Finally, I caught sight of Sarah through the glass doors leading into the back of the living room. I clapped Nick on the shoulder. “Chill out, man. Go mingle.” I stepped toward the doors.

“Wait!” He ran up after me. “I can’t.”

“Why not?” I asked with a laugh.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my social skills aren’t as effective as yours,” he said, following me inside.

“They’re more like antisocial skills,” I corrected loudly over the hip-hop music that had begun to play. A few white gangsta wannabes from school had brought their amateur DJ equipment. I saw Sarah across the room. She flipped a switch down and the living room went dark, then filled with moving, multicolored lights. The guests cheered. I turned around to Nick. “How about I introduce you to someone? Would that help?”

“Who could possibly—Waugh!” he cried as I grabbed the back of his neck and pushed him along beside me until Helen was in sight. She and two other girls sat on the couch, talking and watching people dance.

“Oh, no. No way,” Nick said, following my gaze.

“Listen to me,” I commanded, stopping and grabbing him by the shoulders. “Do you like her?”


“Do you wanna be her boyfriend?”

“I guess…”

“Do you ever wanna get laid?”

“Um… I think…”

“Trust me. You do.”


“Then, by God, if I do anything useful in this life, I’m going to hook my only friend up with the girl of his dreams!” I pulled him toward the girls and he went along begrudgingly. “Smile,” I said, nudging him. His face broke into a huge, nervous grin. “…But not like The Joker.” He let out a breath and smiled more naturally.

We stopped in front of the girls. “Hey, ladies,” I greeted.

They each responded with some giggly or flirty rendition of, “Hi, Grin.”

“There’s someone I want you to meet. This is my pal, Nick. Nick, these beauties are Brittany, Helen, and Angela.”

“Hi.” He gave a little wave and laughed nervously.

“Hey, aren’t you in scholar bowl?” Helen asked him.

Smartass team, scholar bowl… same thing, I thought.

“Yeah. We’re in the same chemistry class, too.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I thought I’d seen you around.” She leaned forward. “Hey, I didn’t really get the lesson today. The, um… diffusion thing. Did you understand it?”

“Nick is a whiz in science. I can always trust him to get a good grade on my homework,” I bragged for him. The girls laughed.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t earn all of that 3.4 GPA. Shoot me.

“What’re you waiting for, man? You know your stuff, now help the girl out,” I suggested, giving him a wink. He started to shake his head with a look of horror on his face.

“Oh, could you? That would be really cool,” Helen said.

Nick looked from her, to me, and back to her. “Um… Yeah, uh… I have my book in the car… I’ll go get it.”

“I’ll go with you.” She stood up next to him. “It’s kind of hard to talk over the music, anyway.”

They walked off toward the front door. Nick glanced back at me, probably for some last-minute encouragement. I mimed cunnilingus with my tongue between my fingers. He rolled his eyes and followed Helen. I laughed and plopped down on the sofa between the babes.

“Well, girls,” I said, putting my arm around Brittany, “it looks like it’s just the three of us.” I put my other arm around Angela. They looked at each other, smiling excitedly.

“I dunno… We’re not very good at sharing,” Brittany said, drawing imaginary circles on my chest. She and Angela laughed.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors?” Angela suggested, setting her fist in her palm.

“C’mon, ladies. There’s no reason to fight,” I said, pulling them in closer, and whispered, “Besides, I’m probably too much for either of you to handle alone.”

They giggled. I listened to them argue coyly about who would get the first turn, hands running across my chest, down my neck, my thighs, between my legs… Then, Sarah came back into view. Now, normally, two horny chicks crawling all over me was something that demanded my undivided attention, but when I saw her, everything else faded into the background.

“Maybe save me a dance, okay girls?” I said quickly, and jumped up to join Sarah.

“There you are,” she said. “I saw you pull up, but I couldn’t find you after that.”

I smiled. “I was looking for you, too. I found your friend Stacy, but she wasn’t much help.”

She sighed. “I’m sorry. She’s not very fond of you…”

“Is that a nice way of saying she hates my guts?”

Sarah laughed. “Yeah, kinda.”

I laughed too and looked at her for a moment. She had on a formfitting, sparkly, blue dress that went down just above her knees. The color made her blue eyes look even more amazing.

“So, are you liking the party?” she asked.

“It’s cool. I’d ask you to dance, but…” I looked at the crowd and continued, “I think I’d look silly doing that air-humping thing the rest of the guys are doing. Besides, if I want to see girls dance like that, I’ll make a trip to St. Cecilia’s.” St. Cecilia’s was a nightclub, just outside of Arlington, with cage dancers. “I’ll take headbanging and moshing over that any day.”

“It’s not really my preferred type of music, either,” she said.

“What kind do you like?”

“I’m kind of into classical.”

“Really? Me too, if you catch me in the right mood.”

“No way!” she said, pushing my shoulder playfully.

“Are you kidding? Mozart was the world’s first rockstar.”

“I never would’ve guessed you liked classical music.”

I sighed and told her quietly, “There’s a lot no one would guess about me.”

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kelly and his three friends. I looked over at them. Allan pointed me out.

“Hey, it’s kinda loud in here. Is there somewhere we can talk?” I asked quickly.

“Um… Yeah, come with me.”

She led me toward the back doors. I looked back and saw Kelly trying to see over the crowd. By the time we were disappearing behind the fence, he had just made his way outside.

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