Chapter 28: Anonymous Tip

After using my lighter to reduce the photos of me to a pile of ash in the bathroom sink, I crept into the office and looked around. The attendant was still gone, but I could hear porn playing behind the closed door at the back of the room. He—or maybe she, who knows?—wouldn’t be bothering me. I picked up the phone and dialed.

Arlington Police Department.”

“May I please speak to Detective Tanner?”

Who’s calling, sir?”

“I have some information for him.”

“…One moment.”

This is Tanner.”

“Y’know the Sunset Motel on 57?”

Who is this?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Now, the motel?”

I know of it.”

“Good. You might wanna make a trip up there.”

If this is an emergency—”

“And bring the coroner.”

What in… Who the hell is this!”

“You’ll see. Oh, and Tanner…”


“If ya wanna catch me, better hurry. The dead travel fast.”

I hung up the phone and smiled. “Can’t believe I really got to say that!” I laughed, and left before the place was swarmed with cops.

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