Wicked Grin

Jake Grinley loved girls, cigarettes, rock & roll, and being bad. They called him Grin, and his smile was infamous in the small, Midwestern town of Findlay. But, just two short months before his high school graduation, his motorcycle was found crashed on a country road. The ground was saturated with his blood. His body was never recovered.

Soon after Grin’s death, strange things start to happen. His high school rival’s locker is vandalized. His stepfather dies mysteriously. Some claim to see Grin riding his motorcycle through town after dark. And, in the nearby city of Arlington, the blood-drained corpses of criminals are being discovered, their faces slashed from ear to ear.

What no one knows is that Jake Grinley’s death was no accident. In life, he was a wild child, but in death, he has become something else entirely. Something worse. Grin is a monster thirsty for blood… and revenge.

This book was once self-published and available for sale, but taken out of print due to lack of interest. Much like its protagonist, it’s back from the dead after undergoing changes. It’s a vampire story in the vein of The Lost Boys, a metalhead-returns-from-the-grave-for-revenge story in the vein of Johnny Gruesome, The Crow, and Trick or Treat, inspired by the works listed as well as the gothic rock album Back In Blood by The 69 Eyes. It was also heavily inspired by a deep and undying hatred of Twilight.


Chapter 1: A Fight to Get Into

Chapter 2: Kill That Fucking Metalhead

Chapter 3: The Devil’s Music

Chapter 4: A Hard R Rating

Chapter 5: Sappy Poetry

Chapter 6: The Fate of Doctor Faustus

Chapter 7: Something to Laugh About

Chapter 8: To Hell and Back

Chapter 9: The Vampire Urge

Chapter 10: Welcome to Eternity

Chapter 11: Hell’s Bells

Chapter 12: Don’t Be Scared

Chapter 13: We Own the Night

Chapter 14: It Worked In ‘Hellraiser’

Chapter 15: Everything You Deserve

Chapter 16: Just Like Coming Home

Chapter 17: We All Have One

Chapter 18: Starting Shit

Chapter 19: Monster (Warning: child abuse)

Chapter 20: Evil Shall Slay the Wicked

Chapter 21: Bloody Murder (Warning: violence against women)

Chapter 22: Compromised

Chapter 23: Follow the White Rabbit (Warning: rape)

Chapter 24: The Only Her

Chapter 25: Epiphany

Chapter 26: Stop Saying “Fuck”

Chapter 27: Gender Equality

Chapter 28: Anonymous Tip

Chapter 29: No Grave to Mark

Chapter 30: Hooking Up With a Dead Guy

Chapter 31: He’s Back

Chapter 32: This Isn’t Over