Chapter 23: Follow the White Rabbit

The next evening, O'Malley and I went to St. Cecilia's as Dodger and his "guys" moved our salvageable stuff to the other hideout. But when we entered, I had a strong feeling we could go around putting up maps to our location if we wanted to, and we'd never have to worry about being bothered. Something [...]

Chapter 21: Bloody Murder

I entered the loft to see O'Malley lying on the sofa with her eyes closed, like she was sleeping. We can't sleep except during the day, even if we try, so I was kind of worried. "O'Malley?" I said, taking the guitar off my back and setting it carefully against the wall. She gave a [...]

Chapter 20: Evil Shall Slay the Wicked

The next evening, right after sunset, I stood in the closet, pulling on a pair of tight, ripped, acid-washed jeans, then my boots. "Are you sure you're ready to do this?" O'Malley asked from the bedroom. "Never been more ready for anything," I said, and put on a black Alice Cooper t-shirt. I came out [...]

Chapter 19: Monster

I followed O'Malley to Dodger's building in uptown Arlington, and we dumped him safely in his apartment. He was so out of it, he was snoring before we could open the door to leave. "I should get him drunk more often," O'Malley said as we exited the building. "I love driving that car." "Yours isn't [...]

Chapter 18: Starting Shit

Nights passed as they tend to do for our kind, with feeding and killing, playing with our powers, and living like we were dying, though it was possible we never would. We thundered through Arlington in O'Malley's Nova, raising hell, rocking out, and just having fun. Imagine it: being young, that feeling that you're invincible, [...]