Chapter 26: Stop Saying “Fuck”

O'Malley and I went to St. Cecilia's, but while she went around back to visit the haven, I went in the front door to go into the club. I hadn't been there in a while and I needed some time alone to work out the Tanner thing. I went inside and immediately remembered why I'd … Continue reading Chapter 26: Stop Saying “Fuck”


Chapter 25: Epiphany

As O'Malley and I slept, the newest murder was the talk of the town. I knew because, when we got up that evening and turned on the TV, it was all over the news. "Dammit, Grin! What did this one do?" O'Malley scolded. "Caught him raping a woman," I said, watching the screen, perplexed. "I … Continue reading Chapter 25: Epiphany

Chapter 24: The Only Her

I won't tell you where our new hideout is because we still live there and I'm not a dumbass vampire who goes spouting off the location of his lair. What I can tell you is that it's a small, brick, three-story building—four if you count the basement—in a pretty slow part of town. The first … Continue reading Chapter 24: The Only Her

Chapter 23: Follow the White Rabbit

The next evening, O'Malley and I went to St. Cecilia's as Dodger and his "guys" moved our salvageable stuff to the other hideout. But when we entered, I had a strong feeling we could go around putting up maps to our location if we wanted to, and we'd never have to worry about being bothered. Something … Continue reading Chapter 23: Follow the White Rabbit

Chapter 22: Compromised

I met O'Malley in front of the building and we started back toward Lanigan's. "So?" she prompted. I chuckled to myself. "You should bring me to work with you more often." I shrugged. "At least for the fun part." She laughed and wrapped her arm around mine as we walked, like it was the most … Continue reading Chapter 22: Compromised

Chapter 21: Bloody Murder

I entered the loft to see O'Malley lying on the sofa with her eyes closed, like she was sleeping. We can't sleep except during the day, even if we try, so I was kind of worried. "O'Malley?" I said, taking the guitar off my back and setting it carefully against the wall. She gave a … Continue reading Chapter 21: Bloody Murder

Chapter 19: Monster

I followed O'Malley to Dodger's building in uptown Arlington, and we dumped him safely in his apartment. He was so out of it, he was snoring before we could open the door to leave. "I should get him drunk more often," O'Malley said as we exited the building. "I love driving that car." "Yours isn't … Continue reading Chapter 19: Monster