Chapter 32: This Isn’t Over

I drove down the highway, blood drying on my hands and stiffening my clothes, and I was laughing into the wind. The book was closed on Jake Grinley's short life. And it wasn't just with the death of my killer and his accomplices. "She loves me!" I called out to the world, stood up, threw … Continue reading Chapter 32: This Isn’t Over


Chapter 31: He’s Back

When I entered Arlington, I went downtown and rode by the hotel where the prom was underway. At the main entrance to the ballroom, sports cars and limousines unloaded upperclassmen in elaborate costumes. I passed by the parking lot behind the ballroom and scoped out the cars. O'Malley was there, leaning against her Nova, looking … Continue reading Chapter 31: He’s Back

Chapter 30: Hooking Up With a Dead Guy

I opened my eyes and looked into blackness. As I realized what day it was, a grin crept across my face. Ah, prom night. A night to make memories that will last a lifetime. …No matter how many years of therapy you spend trying to forget. For a while, I just lay there, going over … Continue reading Chapter 30: Hooking Up With a Dead Guy

Chapter 29: No Grave to Mark

A few days passed. The bodies of the thrill kill girls provided DNA and fingerprint matches to the evidence from the murders, and the photos didn't do much to exonerate them. The APD broke down and set up a tip line so anyone could call and give information on my killings. I'd say that Dodger, … Continue reading Chapter 29: No Grave to Mark

Chapter 28: Anonymous Tip

After using my lighter to reduce the photos of me to a pile of ash in the bathroom sink, I crept into the office and looked around. The attendant was still gone, but I could hear porn playing behind the closed door at the back of the room. He—or maybe she, who knows?—wouldn't be bothering … Continue reading Chapter 28: Anonymous Tip

Chapter 27: Gender Equality

I sat in Cecilia's a while longer and watched the dancers do their thing, watched the girls on the dance floor do their thing, and watched the college frat boys try ineffectually to pick them up. Everything seemed to be going my way. Detective Tanner had nothing on me, the vampires who wanted me dead … Continue reading Chapter 27: Gender Equality

Chapter 26: Stop Saying “Fuck”

O'Malley and I went to St. Cecilia's, but while she went around back to visit the haven, I went in the front door to go into the club. I hadn't been there in a while and I needed some time alone to work out the Tanner thing. I went inside and immediately remembered why I'd … Continue reading Chapter 26: Stop Saying “Fuck”